The emerging principles of corporate social responsibility have played a large role in creating the brand of ThreeSixty.

Partner with non-profit groups

Delivering on its commitment to give back to the community, ThreeSixty partners with three founding non-profit groups namely: Changing Young Lives Foundation (CYLF), Oxfam, and World Wide Fund for Nature, by providing in-store educational and awareness programs, and using environmentally friendly recycled materials and, energy efficient systems and processes.

 Our Life
  - Oxfam

 Our World
  - World Wide Fund of Nature (WWF)

 Our Future
  - Changing Young Lives Foundation

Oxfam Hong Kong is an independent international development and humanitarian organisation working against poverty and related injustice. We recognise that much poverty is caused by injustice and that poverty alleviation requires economic, social and structural change. We work with people facing poverty and partner with organisations on development and humanitarian programmes that linked to policy advocacy and public education activities.

Established in 1961, WWF 's ultimate goal is to stop and eventually reverse environmental degradation to build a future where people live in harmony with nature by conserving the world's biological diversity, ensuring that the use of renewable natural resources is sustainable and promoting the reduction of pollution and wasteful consumption. WWF has been working here in Hong Kong since 1981 to ensure a better environment for the present and future generations in Hong Kong through implementation of a wide range of focused conservation and environmental education programmes in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Changing Young Lives Foundation is a charity organization with a mission to identify underprivileged children and young people in Hong Kong and Mainland China and change their lives for the better. They hope that those children under its care and attention will never become crisis children. They have launched education, development, protection and participation programmes benefiting thousands of children and young people over the years.Numerous successful programmes were carried out by a core team of 11 staff and substantial contribution of time and money were received from 14 Council Members, more than 100 volunteers and countless generous donors. Changing Young Lives Foundation is 100% self-funded.

Our approach on Microbeads

We are aware of environmental concerns around the usage of certain types of plastic microbeads*. No ThreeSixty own-brand rinse-off personal care or cosmetic product contains microbeads and we have already banned microbeads from new product developments of ThreeSixty own-brand products since early 2016.

We are proactively communicating with other rinse-off personal care or cosmetic product suppliers to reiterate our concern on the usage of microplastics. We are also recommending our suppliers to switch to more environmentally-friendly alternatives.

ThreeSixty has been working to take progressive steps in supporting and promoting environmental protection. We will continue to work with relevant stakeholders to introduce further environmental protection measures that we deem appropriate.

*Remarks: According to ASEAN Cosmetic Association Recommendation statement on Plastic Microbeads
(Particle size: 0.1 micron-5mm) on 6 June 2016.